IMG_6517-2Low ResAbout the CMA

The Colorado Midwives Association supports and promotes the option of birth at home for childbearing families in Colorado. The CMA facilitates communication and community among direct-entry midwives through conferences and workshops. Direct-entry midwives have been legal in Colorado since 1993 due to the efforts of the CMA and the CMA continues to be the legislative force behind maintaining and updating the regulation of direct-entry midwifery in Colorado.


The mission of the Colorado Midwives Association is to support direct-entry midwifery through advocacy, continuing education, and community awareness.


Midwifery care will be an integral part of the healthcare system and home birth will be a widely accepted option. Midwives and other maternity healthcare providers will work collaboratively with professional respect, trust, and mutual goals in providing excellent care.


  • The CMA advances home birth midwifery care as an accessible option to families in Colorado.
  • The CMA provides educational and informational resources, as well as opportunities to midwives in Colorado.
  • The CMA advocates for laws and policies that promote best practices in midwifery care.
  • The CMA expects midwives to provide excellent quality of care using the Midwives Model of Care, MANA statement of values and ethics and Colorado State Rules and Regulations as their guide.