Gina Gerboth, MPH, RM, CPM, IBCLC
Gina has been a member of the CMA since 2007. She lives and practices midwifery in the greater Denver area. She is also a lactation consultant and has a master’s degree in Public Health with a concentration in Maternal and Child Health from the Colorado School of Public Health. She hopes in her work as President of the CMA to provide a resource for Colorado midwives, and to promote and elevate the profession of direct-entry midwifery in the community. Her three boys are 19, 16, and 13, and have inspired her work in the fields of birth and breastfeeding. She enjoys reading, watching movies, and knitting in her free time.
720-588-4462 (general communication)

Anita Tupper, RM, CPM
Anita practices home birth midwifery along the Front Range of Colorado and has an office in Arvada. As a midwife, Anita enjoys knowing that she is contributing to her clients’ lives in a way that is nurturing and enduring. Anita began her midwifery career in the early 1980s, and has also earned certifications as a doula, childbirth educator, perinatal massage therapist and perinatal fitness educator. While raising her children, Anita pursued midwifery part-time and worked full-time as a certified paralegal in various areas of law. Traveling to third-world countries as a volunteer is particularly close to Anita’s heart and she takes the opportunity to work with international midwives on a regular basis. Anita birthed her 8 children at home and she is Nana to 21 beautiful grandchildren. She enjoys reading, travel, hiking and riding her motorcycle.

Lynnette Chambers, RM, CPM
Lynnette has been involved with home birth in Colorado since 1993 when she had her fourth child at home, one of the first that was legal! She began attending births in 1996 and has been licensed and in full-time practice since 2006. She lives and works primarily in northern Colorado and is also licensed in Wyoming. Specific interests are improvements in midwifery education, continued integration in the health care community, peer relations, and home birth safety.

Cheryl Furer, RM, CPM
Membership Chair
Cheryl has been a CMA member since 2010.  She graduated from the Midwives College of Utah (MCU) in 2014 earning her Bachelor of Science in Midwifery, CPM, and Registered Midwife in Colorado.  She serves as a faculty and staff member with MCU and runs a midwifery practice in Longmont, Colorado.  Cheryl strongly believes that midwifery care is the best possible care that is available during pregnancy and hopes that midwives will help change the culture and health of birth in the US.   In her free time, she enjoys the Colorado outdoors, gardening, dancing, and spending time with her partner, family, and friends.

Kattie Jones, RM, CPM
Member At Large
Kattie has working with expecting mothers and their wonderful babies since 2003. She worked as an apprentice and a Midwife at a birth center where she attended both home  and birth center births in Bozeman, MT from 2010-2015.

She was born and raised in Mexico, to a large family most of whom had home-births. She is fluent in Spanish and English. She was born into the hands of a midwife, and that very same midwife caught her first daughter.

Yo e estado trabajando con madres que esperan a sus maravillosos bebés desde el año 2003. Yo e trabajado como aprendiz y partera en un “centro de nacimientos” donde tuve el honor de asistir a nacimientos en el hogar y en un centro de nacimientos en Bozeman, Montana durante 2010-2015.

Nací en Mexico en manos de una partera, y esa misma partera recibió a mi primera hija.  Vengo de una familia numerosa que la mayoría de los partos fueron en el hogar. ¡Yo hablo español e inglés con fluidez! Mi intención es integrar sus sueños y deseos para un nacimiento ideal en forma segura con atención basada en evidencia y mi experiencia en general.

Geneva Montano, RM, CPM
Member At Large
Geneva is a newly registered midwife in Colorado but has been active in the birth community here since 2004 as a childbirth educator, doula, student midwife and CPR instructor. She has a BA in foreign language and is a mother of four, two of whom were born at home. She is an activist, an artist and has a passion for supporting women through birth, motherhood, and beyond. She hopes she can help many more women learn to be mothers and midwives as an active member of the CMA community and board.