Summer 2018 Newsletter

President’s Letter:

As President of the CMA I believe there are three core values that have always been part of what drives the organization. These core values consist of Community, Education and Access. For the CMA to grow and heal, all three of these must intrinsically work. Over the last year divisions from within our community erupted and many individuals felt hurt and misunderstood. I stepped into the position of President because I believe in the CMA. It is important to the midwifery community of Colorado, and I feel that its growth and strength come from forward momentum and our own willingness to grow and learn from past mistakes. The board transitioned with support of this idea.
Many things can be said about ways to foster community. Historically, the CMA has done this by providing educational conferences. Providing education that is relevant and meaningful has always been the focus of conference planning. Both Community and Education are the by-products of a well-rounded conference. In addition, any funds raised from these conferences go towards supporting legislative requirements which keep homebirth accessible to all.
As birthing professionals, we ALL must address each of these core values. How are we providing Community, Education and Access? Is there quality midwifery training and education? How do we educate underprivileged birthing families about all of their options and that there are care providers they can trust, and provide access to marginalized communities? Not all midwives and consumers feel that they have equal Access to the birthing resources they need. This inequality is part of a systemic issue that has existed for far too long in our country. But there must be hope! I feel like we are in a cycle of change and with change there is always the opportunity to grow and to better help each other.
It’s up to each of us to embrace positive change, share our vulnerabilities, learn from past mistakes and be willing to move forward with open hearts and minds. Community, Education, Access. There are many paths we can each take to reach these three core values. Why not come together and strive to move forward as a community? Thank you for your continued support of the CMA and its vision.

~Maren Wood

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