Recommended Reading List

Arms, Suzanne. Immaculate Deception 1975. One of the classics that helped change the practices of birthing in the USA.

Arms, Suzanne. Immaculate Deception II–A Fresh Look at Childbirth 1994. Discusses what the problems are with childbirth today and discusses the wisdom of the natural process of birth.

Davis, Elizabeth. Heart and Hands. 2nd. Edition . Celestial Arts, 1987. A Midwife’s guide to pregnancy, childbirth and the art and science of midwifery.

Davis-Floyd, Robbie. Birth as an American Rite of Passage . 1992. A feminist analysis of childbirth rites in American culture, and offers insightful interviews with women and health care providers.

England, Pam & Horowitz, Rob. Birthing From Within. Partera Press 1998. Guide to childbirth education.

Frye, Anne. Holistic Midwifery Vol. I. A Comprehensive Textbook for Midwives in Homebirth PracticeLabrys Press 1995. Discusses most aspects of midwifery care during pregnancy.

Frye, Anne. Understanding Diagnostic Tests in the Childbearing Year. 6th Edition. Labrys Press, 1997.  A Holistic Guide to Evaluating the Heath of Mother and Baby.

Gaskin, Ina May. Spiritual Midwifery The Farm 1978. A classic. Contains many birth stories as well as more technical information for parents and midwives. Revised in 1980 and 1990.

Goer, Henci. Bergen and Gervey, . Obstetric Myths Versus Research Realities 1995. Discusses issues facing expectant parents and supports issues with research abstracts.

Hartley, Carla. Helping Hands: The Apprentice Workbook. Midwifery and apprenticing are outlined and discussed from several viewpoints. This book may change the reader’s ideas about the relationship of midwifery to goal setting, time management, thinking, learning and studying.

Kitzinger, Sheila. Homebirth. 1991. A commonsense guide to the alternatives to giving birth in the hospital. Discusses how to plan a birth in a setting where the laboring woman is in control. Evaluates the risks of homebirth and puts them into perspective.

Kitzinger, Sheila. The Midwife Challenge Pandora, 1991. Describes midwifery worldwide from a historical perspective.

Kitzinger, Shiela. The Experience of Childbirth. 3rd Edition . Penguin Books. 1972. Another classic about midwifery and childbirth.

Odent, Michel. Birth Reborn . Pantheon Books. New York, 1984 and 1990. A discussion of how childbirth can be and what women want it to be–and how mothers and babies both benefit. Physician Odent describes the clinic in Pithiviers and the success with childbirth by letting women be free to labor as they wish.

Varney, Helen. Nurse Midwifery . 3rd Edition. Blackwell Scientific Publications. 1987. A comprehensive text for midwifery students. Extremely well organized, stressing the concept of understanding and recognizing the normal while screening for the abnormal.

Weaver, Pam and Evans, Sharon K. Practical Skills Guide. Morningstar Publications. 1994. A textbook designed to test the skills of student midwives, either direct-entry or student nurse-midwives. Currently being used as a required text in the NARM national certification process. Covers over 100 skills in a step–by-step procedure format. Includes forms for documentation of experience.