Black Lives Matter

June 8, 2020

Today we have made a public statement in response to being called out on our missing the mark once again.

On behalf of the Board of the Colorado Midwives Association we know we missed the mark with connecting with the community of color in Colorado, and have broken trust. We acknowledge that our white privilege has allowed us to drag our feet for decades.

Demetra Seriki and China Tolliver, thank you for holding us accountable. Your love, passion, and dedication to the community is unparrelled and we will all aim to be as dedicated and committed. We apologize for not acting with accountability thus far. 

We also want to apologize for the boards’ actions that harmed you in the past, as well as present. The CMA board commits to defer to our black midwives and birth workers in how to support our community of color. 

I know these just feel like words but we assure you that they are backed by sincerity and commitment to changing birth in Colorado.

We are not coming forward with this statement to protect the CMA. We are not worried with how we look but rather worried about the community and the POC we have hurt and let down. We are worried about the disparities and what we can do as an organization to represent the midwives of Colorado, especially the midwives of color. 

We screwed up, we hurt people, and we know that is not acceptable!

As a board, we are committed to learning and taking steps to change the flawed structures within the CMA to ensure we are an anti-racist organization. We are looking forward to work as allies with our communities of color. We know we will likely make mistakes and we’re looking to our allies for continued feedback and accountability to remain an anti-racist organization. We need to support our black midwives, students, and birth workers of color.

As an organization and as the current president, we are done with dragging our feet, we are done not being accountable. We will no longer perpetuate racism within our organization. We’re excited for upcoming changes to our website and organization and hope they show our investment in our community.

We humbly apologize. 

Black Lives Matters, BIPOC mothers and babies Matter! Birth Workers of Color Matter.

Melissa Sexton RM, CPM, CMA President

2 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter

  1. Hi,
    I’m seeking a midwive of color who work within the Denver metro area. Are there any who are associated with your facility who work here?
    Thank you!

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