Legislative Update

All regulatory professions are reviewed periodically by the legislature. The Direct-Entry Midwives Practice Act will be reviewed by the Colorado state legislature in 2016. The Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) Office of Policy, Research and Regulatory Reform presents a report to the legislature summarizing the history of the program including previous sunset review recommendations and changes to the law. Recommendations for the 2016 review are also made. This report will be written this summer and presented to the legislature in the fall. All interested parties are interviewed for this report.

Registered Midwives from many parts of the state met on Saturday, February 28th to discuss the upcoming sunset review of our law in 2016. The meeting was held to see what midwives want addressed during the review of our program. A list of our top priorities was determined from contacting all of the Registered Midwives in Colorado. The CMA has submitted this list to the policy analyst.

As the end of 2015 approaches, we will begin preparing for the legislative session with the help of a lobbyist. As the organization that pushed for legalization of direct-entry midwives 23 years ago and lobbied to keep the statute updated, the CMA will need the help of all supporters of direct-entry midwives during the next legislative session. Please consider a monetary donation by clicking on our Donate link.