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March 1, 2019

Hello Colorado Midwives,

I want to thank all of the Colorado Midwives who attended the last CMA meeting on November 19, 2018 who voted me in as President for this two-year term. It is an exciting time to be working as your president. I will strive to help the CMA grow, continue advocacy for midwifery care, homebirth, and safety, as well as continuing education and communication for CMA members. Thank you for all your patience over the last few months. Every board position has been filled with new and hard-working volunteer midwives, including some of the midwives’ students. I look forward to bringing enthusiasm to the new board members and midwives and keep an energizing atmosphere. We hold open board meetings monthly on the 4thWednesday of the month. The meetings are currently being held at 3760 Vance St. Suite 200B, Wheat Ridge, CO 80004. 

We are working on 2 conferences this year. The first conference will be this spring in April 12 and 13that the Douglas County Library in Castle Rock. So save the date! Speakers are to be announced.

This year, 2019, starts pre sunset talks and legislative work. Sunset is set for 2021. Get ready to raise awareness for homebirth midwifery.

Also I would like to say congratulations to all the newly registered midwives.

Midwives from August 2018 – February 2019

  • Heidi Hennigan, CPM, RM 8/21/18 Aurora, CO
  • Astrid Grove CPM, RM 12/6/18 Longmont, CO
  • Tiffany Miller, CPM, RM 12/21/18 Colorado Springs, CO
  • Namonie Donahue CPM, RM 12/24/18 Del Norte, CO
  • Victoria Engelhard CPM, RM 12/24/18 Frederick, CO
  • Felicia Chavando CPM, RM 1/28/19 Longmont, CO
  • Julia Amend, CPM, RM, BSN, RN 2/8/19 Englewood, CO

I would like to also introduce to you our new active board

Melissa Sexton CPM, RM, President

Jennifer Barr, CPM, RM, Vice President

Kattie Jones CPM, RM, Treasurer

Natalie Baca CPM, RM, Secretary

Julia Amend CPM, RM, BSN, RN, Conference Committee Chair

Jennifer Dossett RM, Membership

Samantha Venn, Student Midwife to Melissa Sexton, Website and Social Media Chair

Althea Hrdlichka, CPM, RM, Member at Large, Newsletter Chair

Jan Lapetino CPM, RM, Member at Large, Legislative Advisor

Thank you to everyone for their support in keeping midwifery legal in Colorado, and I look forward to my term as your president.


Melissa Sexton CPM, RM

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